The details of our offers

The activities proposed as part of our overall solutions are:

Le détail de nos offres

Details of services offered:
  • Upstream transport organization
  • Management of air freight/shipping
  • Transit and unloading containers
  • Administrative management
  • Palletizing, reception, inspections
  • Homogeneous or heterogeneous pallet storage
  • Stock management, inventory and tax turning…
  • Preparation and implementation of retail package or pallet picking
  • Optimizing the organization transportation plan
  • Store deliveries
  • Managing standards and specific packaging
  • Pallet Rental
  • Handling and storage of large items
  • Operational maintenance
  • Delivery, installation and start-up
  • Management of post sale
  • Computer interfaces of all systems
  • Internet access to customer data
  • Real time traceability
  • Digitisation
  • Management of supplies
  • Exportation organization
  • Staff reprise, integration
  • Training
  • Logistical implantation in situ
  • Supplying kit of supply chain
  • Multi-­‐warehouse management, multi-­‐activities
  • Shared supply center
  • Analytic billing
  • Performance and quality indicators dashboard
  • Progress areas

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