evolution of information systems

In order to guarantee continuity of service with all our customers, SOCALOG has developed its information systems by integrating the concept of PRA (Business Recovery Plan) via the establishment of an IT cluster and a rescue site.

In practice, a “cluster” (in French “grappe”) is an architecture made up of several computers forming nodes. Each node is capable of operating independently of the others in the event of a breakdown, for example. This is called a High Availability Cluster. The advantage of this type of architecture is multiple:

Guarantee the reliability of information systems
Bring a sense of security
Minimize the risk of delay in the activities of the Company
Thus, in the event of a server failure, the resources of the operating systems and applications present on this same server automatically switch to the operational server.

As soon as the failed server is restarted, the system returns to normal operation.

SOCALOG also benefits from two geographically close Warehouses linked by an efficient IT network; it was decided to use the second warehouse as a backup site thanks to a daily replication of its critical computer data for the proper functioning of the business.

This allows a very fast restart time in the event of an incident on the main site without being forced to go through a backup / restore phase which significantly increases the time for resumption of activity.

The PRA enables better risk control and improved performance of the IT infrastructure