SOCALOG embarks on the dematerialisation of delivery notes

The dematerialization, what is it? How does it work? What are its advantages and disadvantages? A brief overview of what is involved in the transformation of
information material in computer files.

dematerialisation5The dematerializations consist in transforming physical documents into digital files or create documents directly in digital form to integrate them into a process. It may be quite simple to archive in digital format of letters, bank statements and etc. or to process orders, delivery notes and invoices…
If the documents previously exist in physical form, supplier purchase order, for example, they must scan them and index, that is in other words to transform the image of the document in text or numbers readable by a software.

Documents created using software (letters, bills…) can be inserted directly in the corresponding business processes.
It is estimated that on average, an invoice or purchase order exists in at least 5 copies around the company! Paperless reduces considerably or even eliminates the hard copies in circulation between services. It avoids handling operations such as photocopying, preparing envelopes and printing. This has a significant impact on treatment costs: 50% on average!
Another advantage, since they expect no more to be copied or sent to the office that is processing the next step, dematerialized documents are processed more quickly. The software notifies each operator that electronic Documents is waiting for his intervention. And the treatments are carried out under regulations established by the company and in accordance with standards.
Finally, consuming less paper, fewer mail transported, used less ink altogether translates into a significant contribution to environmental protection. The dematerialization fits well and positively in the context of sustainable development.

Socalog tries to address the issue of dematerialisation and offers its clients and partners the establishment of electronic delivery. Clients of Rabot Establishments will be offered a physical delivery order, to save, ensuring the delivery of goods as well as a digital delivery order, which once approved by the client will be stored electronically by Rabot Establishments. This dematerialization will have the advantage to accelerate the litigation process. Supply of this electronic delivery is provided in the first fortnight of July 2015.