SOCALOG invests in Vocal Solutions

How does it work?
Based on voice recognition, the system allows preparers to «communicate» with the warehouse management system via headphones/microphones.
Each user must first complete their «Voice settings». After completing this setup, simply login in the system to assign commands of displacements and giving instructions to preparers. Each operation can be controlled by oral confirmation of the address locations and counting units taken/remaining at picking.
The communication between the server and the operator is reciprocal; the
system is able to interpret the operator’s messages.

The advantages?
Equipped by the WT41N0 mobile terminal, our staff can now fully concentrate on the preparation of orders, without wasting time managing forms printed on paper or displayed on a mobile hand-­‐held terminal. By releasing the preparer’s hands, voice picking can both improve productivity and reduce picking errors.

What about at Socalog?
Equipped with a headset, employees can enter the barcodes straight way, inquire about the routing of a product to ensure its complete traceability and ensure that the right items are assigned to the right commands to be shipped to the right customer at the right time. This technology also allows performing, during the transition to the picking, a count of the remaining packages after collection that optimizes the cycle counts.

Our staff can process more orders, thereby improving the delivery orders of our customers. The result? Increase in customer satisfaction.

solution vocale