Rise of the project

Over the past decade, New Caledonia has experienced sustained growth, mainly led by the mining sector. The current economic climate is becoming increasingly competitive, pushing companies to optimize and control their operational costs.

In order to assist our customers; we decided to provide them with a new logistic system:

  • An articulated partnership around principles & pragmatic solutions
  • Long experience in the logistic sector
  • Efficient information systems
  • Delivery in March 2015
  • Investment 100% local.

But no such project can be deployed without there being one activity from base to ensure the launch of the project and the company’s commercial deployment.

This is the case of SOCALOG with the volumes of Rabot, who will represent, during the first months, the minimum set of activity to launch the project to then represent only a marginal part of the activity of SOCALOG.

It is not support for the relocation of establishments Rabot, but for the development of a real logistic activity, including a significant social impact for New Caledonia (direct creation of almost 95 direct jobs 5 years).

Entrepot 12000