Sustainable development

Sustainable development is development that meets the future needs while ensuring the best possible match between the economic, environmental and social issues.

SOCALOG has made sustainable development in its development strategy by involving:

  • The idea of progress is essential to the development of any society,
  • the idea of providing future generations with stability capacity and potential.

SOCALOG propose solutions to raise awareness of sustainable development on our clients.

Responsible company, SOCALOG takes many initiatives to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment.

3 convictions, 3 obligations

Sustainable development is a priority and a strategic focus for SOCALOG. For its customers, as its partners SOCALOG intends to be a responsible company and has set itself three priorities:

Being a socially responsible company.

By encouraging the commitment of all partners to a responsible management approach.

To promote harmonious economic development.

By, systematically integrating, a customer’s sustainable development policy in its commercial approach.

Master the impact of its business on the environment.

Through choosing the best choices of transport modes and pooling resources.

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