Our Expertise

Logistics has long become a vital and a full-­‐time job by the complexity of its trade, the tension on inventories and compliance with health standards and traceability.
It is an indispensable instrument of globalization and a strategic issue for companies.
At the same time, services and distribution companies are focusing more and more on their core business, the manufacture, purchase and sale of products.
Outsourcing of logistics can adapt to changes in their market and raise requirements of quality and also to improve respect of their environment.
Logistics has become a differentiating issue.

« Organizations that persist are not necessarily the biggest but those who adapt faster to the changes »

Thanks to its EXPERTISE and the creation of an efficient and unique logistic tool in the territory, SOCALOG offers to its customers:

  • A solution up to date to international standards
  • An offer adapted to changes of the Caledonian market
  • The ability to adapt and meet the challenges of tomorrow
  • Productivity gains
  • The ability for our customers to focus on their primary business and control their flow and transport chain
  • To differentiate against the competition.


  • Improved product availability.
  • Stock reduction (action on the BFR)
  • Provisioning lead time goods/parts (D, D + 1, D + 2, D + 3, ….)
  • Best quality, selling limit date stretching, and storage conditions.
  • Solutions for the whole territory and a break of the logistic isolation in the north of New Caledonia.
  • Operational performances and competencies.
  • Assisting strategic and organizational thinking.

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